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† Fr. Piet (Pancratius) HUYGEN sscc (Flanders)





Fr. Piet, 86 years old, died on 13 September, 2014 in Ranst (Belgium).

He entered the novitiate in 1947 and he was professed on 16 May 1948, in Tremelo (Belgium).

He was ordained a priest in Ranst (Belgium) on 14 June 1974.


Father Piet Huygens was born in the village of Ranst in the province of Antwerp. After primary school he worked several years as a baker boy before entering the novitiate at the age of 19. After his profession he renders services consecutively as a cook, caretaker and sacristan in different communities. After several years of service as a lay brother, he wants to become a priest, and in 1969 he began his studies at the "Centre of Priestly Formation for middle age person" in Antwerp. He was ordained on 14 June 1974 and he began his ministry as a chaplain at the hospital in Asse. Ten years later he was appointed parish priest in Brussegem. He remained there until his retirement in 1995.

Then he took care of the Fr Damien museum in Tremelo until he became a member of the community of Leuven in 1997. Two years later he moved to Zandhoven until the closing of the house in 2010. Then he retired in Ranst where he served as a chaplain in nursing homes. He died on 13 September 2014.

Father Piet was very faithful to his promises. Much of his life was devoted to the care of patients and more than 100 times, he accompanied pilgrimages to Lourdes. His dream that one day he would celebrate Eucharist in the church Fr. Damien at Kalawao was achieved in 2006. He enjoyed life as a priest and was proud to be one and member of the Congregation. His laughter, his candor, his joy of life, would surely be missed by many people.


Let us pray that now he lives fully the love of the Sacred Heart to which he had devoted his whole life.