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† Fr. Wilhelmus Maria de BRUIN sscc (Holland)

    Wim was born in Rijswijk on February 14th, 1923. He made his religious vows on September 24th, 1942 and was ordained a priest on February 22nd, 1948 in Valkenburg.
    In 1950 Wim was appointed to the mission of Bangka and Belitung in Indonesia and went to Tanjungpinang, one of the islands in the Riau-archipelago. He worked there in a parish and was at the same time English teacher. After four years he became parish-priest and teacher on the island of Karimun. In 1966 he was appointed parish-priest in Singapore, in the new parish of the Blessed Sacrament. In 1971 he went for two years to Australia, where he worked in the pastoral care in the diocese of Perth. Afterwards he returned to Indonesia and became parish-priest in the parish of Saint Michael in Bandung. He lived and worked there for twenty years.
    In 1993 he returned finally to The Netherlands. He became a member of the Sint-Oedenrode community and after this house was closed a member of the Bavel community. On last March 5th he was admitted in the hospital in Breda owing to serious pain in his left arm. He came back to Bavel on March 30th. He died there entirely unexpected in the afternoon of April 6th. On Saturday 11th Wim was buried on the cemetery of the fathers of the Sacred Hearts in Breda. May he rest in peace.