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† Sr. Andrée LASSAU sscc (France)

Poitiers, 9th July, 2007
   Dear Brothers and Sisters,
   We want to share with you the pain of another death: our sister Andrée LASSAU died peacefully on the 23rd June, 2007.
   She was born in January, 1909, and came to know the congregation through the community in Boissy-St-Léger. She entered the novitiate in 1935 and made profession on the 12th February, 1938, and three years later she made her final commitment.
   In the community in Mende (Lozère) Sr. Andrée was initially in charge of the Juniorat, she spent one year in Laval and once again returned to Mende where she was dressmaker. It was in Rennes that she lived the longest time: 27 years! Teaching home economics, in which she excelled, she was appreciated by the pupils and families. Many of us still remember: well wrapped in her big black shawl, in the morning she welcomed the small children and with much attention she went towards each one! The parents left... They saw their children happy in “L´Adoration in Rennes!”.
   In Mans she cared for the sisters in the Infirmery and looked after the lingerie. In October, 2003 she came to the Retirement Home in Poitiers. Her peaceful, tranquil presence was comforting for those around her, but the solitude was painful for her at times. A note written by her tells us something of what she lived during her final years: “Jesus, Mary, Joseph, keep me in your divine Love until my last breath!”
   For many long weeks, her life was no more than a breath! Her testimony challenged us and at the same time we discovered something of the depth of her life. We remember well her gentleness and her smile, and we confide our Sr. Andrée to your prayers.
Sr Marie-Hélène Granjon
Sr Claire Tropé