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† Sr. Anselma OÑATE sscc (Ecuador)

  “All through God, all in God, all for God.” (G.M.)

    On November 6th, 2007 at 10p.m., our dear Sr. Anselma (María Edelina) Oñate Álvarez went to her eternal rest.
    Anselmita, was born on May 27, 1925 in Cotocollao – Quito – Equator. She was baptized a few days after her birth. She belonged to a profoundly Christian family, who instilled in her evangelical values that made her a humble, simple woman, a worker always in search of God. From childhood she liked to pray.
    She knew the Sisters of the SS.CC. and was attracted to Adoration; so in 1943 she was received as a postulant, and made final vows on May 1st, 1949 in Rumipamba.
    She was always considered as a strongly contemplative person, and in her free time, she liked to spend hours before the Tabernacle.
    She was very open to God’s will, accepting in a spirit of faith and gentleness her assignments; she was 20 years in the Quito-Centro community as door keeper and assisting the cook; she was in the communities of Manta, Rumipamba, House of Prayer and Good Mother, and in each of them she carried out her duties with simplicity, responsibility and a desire to serve the sisters; she visited the sick in neighboring communities frequently, in spite of her health problems, as she suffered from a series of problems with her spine which was reducing in size.
    A month ago, because of her delicate state of health, she cam to our San José community so that she could be taken care of, as it was difficult for her to function alone. She was received with a lot of love, not only by the sisters, but also by the nurses, as they saw in her a peaceful, gentle and very grateful person, in spite of her great suffering that she experienced because of her illness and the physical impossibility of helping in any way. She offered all this up for the Congregation.
    Anselmita has gone before us, but we are sure that we have a great intercessor before the Good God and we continue to ask for the grace to be like her, authentic children of the SS.CC. We thank God for the example of her simple life and her humility.
    In spite of the certainty we have that she is enjoying the love of God the Father, we ask you to say the prayers for her that are prescribed by our Constitutions.
Hna. María Antonia García del Valle, ss.cc.
Y Hnas. de la Comunidad de San José