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† Sr. Augustina BROS sscc (France)

 Poitiers, 10th July, 2007

   Dear Brothers and Sisters,
   Although we were in Picpus for the “Assembly of the Sisters in the France-Québec Sector”, the death of our Sr. Augustine Bros made a deep impression on us! Tired, but very much present, Augustine participated in the Eucharist and had meals with her sisters. “Today is not very good, tomorrow will be better!” she said. That is how she left us on the morning of the 27th June.I have given him all, now I abandon all to him was her final prayer”.
   Augustine Bros was born on the 10th June, 1912 in Buzignargues in l’Hérault but she grew up in Lozère within a very christian family environment. Mère Marie, superior of “Adoration” in Mende, was very influencial; she directed her in her way toward God. Augustine chose the Congregation when she was 19 years old and made her first commitment on the 5th August, 1931 in Picpus.
   She was a peaceful and prayerful person, with great openness. She nourished her relationship with God in the material duties which she carried out in the communities in Yvetot, Paris, Sées, Rome, Poitiers. These words which she wrote, say something of the interior life that she wanted to grow: “Allow your presence to flow into me as the water that refreshes life. Do not say anything, He is there for you, with you and in you. That is enough. Live with Him”.
   We remember the “Gospel sharing” in community. Augustine always brought to it something of what she lived or perceived of the passage of God. She also listened, with pleasure, to the diocesan radio. We still hear her saying: “It is so good what I heard this morning”. She knew how to marvel at things. A bright smile on her face, showed her openness to the world, to the Church and the family that she loved so much!
   Sr. Augustine, thank you for your interior enthusiasm and the love which you gave. But, remember, you are the 7th sister from the “Retirement Home” in Poitiers to go the House of the Father since January, 2007! To each of your elderly sisters, we confide the mission of the congregation to proclaim the Good News in the world today... And all of us, brothers and sisters, assure you of our prayers and we ask you to intercede for us!