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† Sr. Lucrecia María ASTUDILLO sscc (Ecuador)

Love is patient and kind…
It excuses everything…believes all things…
Endures all things….(I Cor.13, 4-7)

   The Lord came to take to himself our dear sister Lucrecia María (Lastenia Josefina Astudillo Bustamante) in the early morning of Septiembre 28. She went to the Father in the way that she lived, serene, silent, without making a noise.
   Lucrecia María was born in Girón, a Province of Azuayl on Abril 2 1919. She entered the Congregation on Noviembre 7 1937. She served in various communities and works of the Province, as sacristan and teacher of religion. In August 2005, given her frail health, she joined our community, where she often came to visit the sick.
   Lucrecita, as we called her with great affection, carried her illness as a genuine daughter of the Sacred Hearts, living redemptive love, with gentleness, kindness and patience, without complaining about anything or anyone; she experienced patient sacrifice and endurance every day until the end.
   Her goodness and gentleness was perceived at first contact with her every morning. When asked every morning “how are you?” Her smiling response was, “very well thanks what about you?”
   We are confident that as our Holy Brother Damian, her strength to keep going sprang from her love for the Eucharist, she was a fervent adorer of the Blessed Sacrament.
   Lucrecita, thanks for your inspiring life, for your warm smile every morning. Now that you are with the Father, do not forget the Congregation, the Province, your community who today say goodbye with sorrow, but we thank the good God for your life, for your witness of faith and love. Ask the Divine Heart of Jesus and Mary to bless each of the Sisters in this community.
   The Lord has given you a great gift by taking you to heaven to be with our Holy Brother Damian on the day of his canonization, tell him many things about us so that like you we may live each day the radical and unconditional surrender to Love.
   Dear Sisters, Brothers and Lay ss.cc,. although we are sure that our Sister Lucrecita already enjoys the continuing vision of our Father God, please offer for her the prayers asked by our constitutions.

   United in SS.CC.
M. Antonia García del Valle T.
and sisters of the community of San José ss.cc.