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† Sr. Margaret BRYANS sscc

   Sr. Margaret Bryans, 72 years old, died on august 13, 2011 in Dublin (Ireland). She entered the novitiate in 1957 in Weymouth, England, and she was professed on august 02, 1964 in Paris (France).


“How very great is God’s power at work in us who believe.” Ephesians 1:19

Born on the 22nd of May 1939, Margaret was baptised shortly afterwards and spoke at her Golden jubilee of “ a grace” she  received in baptism which influenced her whole life and gave her a particular love of praying the Creed. She  was very grateful to her parents for the way they nurtured her faith and supported her in her early days by their prayers and example.

Margaret was a youngster...a teenager when “God set His heart on her” and sensing this in the depths of her being, and without too much soul searching. Margaret followed her heart’s desire and entered the Congregation in 1957, in Weymouth, England. God gifted Margaret with a deep and simple faith and freedom which never left her. She spoke quite simply of knowing that she was “in the right place” and had serenity about her vocation that never abandoned her... Even throughout the turbulent years of upheaval and change in  religious life  after Vatican 11 from a more monastic structured way of life and prayer to a more flexible way of living...Margaret in her own singular way became adept at exploring and finding ever new challenges..

And God blessed Margaret so that others could be blessed (Gen 12) Her life most certainly has yielded a rich harvest through God’s grace.                                                                                                                        

God blessed her with a simplicity of presence. Margaret didn’t need to be the centre of attention but quietly in the background got on with life...she gave of herself generously and honestly, whether that was simply by the  many random and indeed practical and ordinary acts of kindness within community, or the quality of her presence to the needs of the younger sisters who came from abroad to learn English. Wherever  she served the Congregation she found an outlet for her gifts. Margaret all her life had a special love for the poor, the lonely, the elderly and those in need. She was always keen to get involved in the local church and saw that as a place of service. She gave of herself generously and without measure to the needs of her family in their moments of anguish and need. Throughout her life Margaret was blessed with good health. It was really only in the last few months of her life that Margaret was called to serve God in a very different way, in this very unfamiliar land of sickness. This was a new and very difficult challenge for Margaret but it was a graced time for us as a community of women called to journey together in sickness and in health:

We are grateful for the journey we have shared with Margaret  and for all she has been for us     

May  She Rest in Peace