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† Sr. María Milagros GIL sscc (Spain)

    Dear Sisters and Brothers,
    Our sister Maria Milagros Gil is now with the God to whom she dedicated her whole life.
    Maria Milagros Gil Rodríguez – whose baptismal name was Maria del Pilar – was born in Madrid on the 19th February, 1928. She made profession in El Escorial on the 2nd February, 1951. She dedicated her life to teaching in our schools in Santander, El Escorial, Madrid y Torrelavega where she inaugurated the Teacher Training College. Her special vocation as educator was in the human, Christian and academic formation of children, young people and teachers. This she did in a courageous and responsible way, working with qualified teacher who to this day bear witness of her efficient work in education.
Later she was superior of this community for some years, before going back to the community of El Paraíso where, by her work, she contributed to and supported education.
    In July of this year, she returned to our community because of poor health. However, she gave her energy to computerize our library, a work she was not able to finish because of her deteriorating illness. On the 4th October she was admitted to hospital to see if they could alleviate her respiratory problem. On the morning of the 20th she grew worse and received, while still conscious, the Sacrament of the Sick and the Lord came to take her on the 22nd at 15.00 hours.
    Three days before her death, Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Oviedo came to visit her. She had worked with him for several years in the Teacher Training College and until today had a good relationship with him. During this short visit she asked him to tell the sisters:
That she offered her life for the Congregation,
That she was grateful to the sisters of the community of El Escorial and to all who had been with her, especially in her last days. Never before had she felt the closeness of the sisters as in these circumstance, and felt very much part of her Sacred Hearts family.
She asked for the forgiveness of the sisters if at any time she had offended or upset them.
That when she met the Lord she would put before him the Congregation and her family. With the certainty that she is enjoying the fullness of Love, we ask that you offer the prayers prescribed by our Congregation
In the absence of Maria Paloma Aguirre ss.cc.,
Amelia Urbina ss.cc.