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† Sr. Marie Marthe ROWART sscc (Belgium)

    Sr. Marie Marthe was born in Waterloo (Belgium) on the 5th May, 1926. She died on the 1st April, 2008 in “Home Vogelzang”, our nursing and retirement home, in Heverlee (Belgium).

     She began her postulancy in Loonbeek on the 1st February, 1947 and her novitiate on the 3rd August of the same year. On the 6th February, 1949, she made her temporary vows in Loonbeek and her final vows on the 6th August, 1952 in Paris.
    She was monitrice for kindergarten (having obtained an Italian certificate), and she was able to use her musical talent in several countries and in diverse places.
    We remember Sr. Marie Marthe in particular because of her musical talent. Wherever she lived, be it in Petit-Rechain or in Rome, Madonna di Buia (Italy), Kinshasa (Congo), Tongres, Anvers as in Vogelzang, all enjoyed her music.
    Sr. Marie Marthe, as in music, knew the different “harmonies” in her life and her work: educator, monitrice for kindergarten, French teacher, translator, member of the council, missionary to the Congo, work in the Petite Œuvre in Tongres and other duties in the parish of Anvers…
    Her motto was: “I will sing forever of the mercies of the Lord”. She lived this aspect of our charism in a unique way. She loved the Congregation and her family deeply. She devoted herself continually and bonds of friendship were created and lasted. She was an amiable person, a prayerful person, living out the Eucharist, adoration, reconciliation. Through her musical ability she knew how to animate many celebrations. Her illness affected the gift that she loved so much.
    Glancing over her life, we see that she was active, prayerful, a believer, compassionate, sociable, amiable, grateful and a missionary. Prayerful and believing people are often people who are full of gratitude. Her last whispered words were thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Sr. José Vivys
Coordinator of the Sisters
of the Belgian Sector