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† Sr. Marie-Reine ANJUBAULT sscc (France)


   Sr. Marie-Reine was born in Vitré on the 30th November 1924, but she lived mainly in Fougères, a village that is dear to her heart. She loved to remember it because she spent many interesting years there.
  She entered our Congregation of the Sacred Hearts October 15, 1945, she made profession in February 1948. Sister Marie-Reine was a quiet sister who knew how to get close to her sisters with her heart of gold and upright soul. Her subtle love did good and she knew how to use it at the right time and wisely.
   Through the various responsibilities entrusted to her, that of mistress of novices was perhaps the one that left its mark the most. A few words from her novices witness to that today: "I remember your face as a nice "pretty face" smiling and friendly. You managed to combine a spiritual and relaxing formation and you were avant-garde ... I am full of gratitude ... you gave us a taste of openness to others and for prayer... "
   While Sr. Marie-Reine was living in the community of Boissy St Leger she participated as part of a "group of visitors" to the hospital Limeil-Brévannes. She met the residents, sharing her hope and joy, makig them live. How many enjoyed her visits filled with gentleness and friendship! She stressed: "It does me good! The group meetings with chaplains fed her inner life.
   On her arrival at the Grand'Maison of Poitiers in December 2006, Marie-Reine participated in the meetings of the "Christian Movement for Pensioners' in the parish of St Hilaire. She enjoyed the wealth of sharing in this group.
   Last February, we celebrated her sixty years of religious life in Poitiers. At the end of that day, she said, very happily: "I have never had such a feast! "A nice way of saying something about the importance of the quality of our life together.

   On July 3, during a medical visit, Sr Marie-Reine understood the seriousness of her condition. An inner force drove her to ask the nurse, the doctor if the time would be long ... but she added: "When he wants! And again: "I can not pray any more, I look and I say: God, my God! ... The Virgin Mary, she always accompanied me! "
   Sr. Marie-Reine left us August 27, 2008, she left us with her benevolent and bright smile!
From the text Jeanne Cadiou SS.CC. gave on
the day of her funeral, 1 September 2008.
Sr Marie-Hélène Granjon et Sr Marie-Sylvie Maurin