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  • Good Father to Sr. Eudoxie Coudrin, 1829

    "I think very often of you all, especially of the Good Mother whom I left so ill in Paris... Never forget that, next to God, we owe all to her. Her heart is as great as her thoughts; her soul has been in pain since she took upon herself the cross of Our Lord. Preserve the memory of her days which are so precious to the family because she up­holds and watches over all. Her heart is the barque in which, in spite of storms, she carries all that pertains to the Congregation. The longer I live, the more I am convinced of this truth."

  • Good Father"Be good always and well conformed to the holy will of the Lord who has said to us: When you were young, you went where you willed, but when you are old, another will gird you and lead you where you will not."

  • Good Mother"Do everything with a spirit of death. It is the way to have true life."

  • GF Father to Mr.Aymer de la Chevalerie, GM´s brother

    "I feel all the sorrow that you experience. May the thought that she enjoys the eternal reward which is due to her serve to lessen the bitterness of our regrets and the intensity of our grief. You have lost the best of Sisters; we also mourn the death of one who has always been our consolation."

  • Good Mother"Continue to rely upon me after my death and I promise that I shall assist you. I promise that I shall obtain for you whatever you may need."

  • Circulaire letter of the Good Father, 1834"By your regularity, your obedience, and the practice of all the religious virtues, show that you carefully preserve the precious remem­brance of the Good Mother."

  • Last words of the Good Mother, when she suffered her struck. Her final word, "heart", when she expired. "I want everything You want! Yes, my God, you know I love you with all my heart and I am ready to die if you want! ... Yes, I want to love you forever ... Yes, always ! ... my God, I give you my heart ... ".

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