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  • Good Father 1829

    "You may be sure, dear friend, that the Good Mother is the soul of the two families, that her poor life is being held only by a thread. As for me who know everything from the very beginning, I tell you that she is the mainstay and the life of us all before God; it is she who is more Founder than Foundress and I know that she has never ceased being a victim for the whole family."

  • Good Mother"God never sends more crosses than we can bear, but He always sends enough to make us feel our weakness, and this state is terrible."

  • Good Father"Oh! How I pity you. But your courage will enable you to accept everything in union with the sacrifices made by our Good Master so as to unite us to His Father."

  • Good Mother"Have courage, patience; be kind, humble and gay without too much dissipation and, with God’s help, all will go well."

  • Good Father"Let us all be one in the charity of the Good Master which unites us. I leave you but I shall never forsake you."

  • Good Mother"We must redouble our patience, our courage, and our resignation. It is only in the crucible that gold is tried."

  • Good Father"Let us all be a little less unhappy! Even if I were under lock and key, I would sing the praises of God and I would glorify His divine mercy forever."

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