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† Diacre Francis Xavier Kyojiro NAKAZAWA sscc (Japon)

Le Diacre Francis Xavier Kyojiro Nakazawa, 88 ans, est décédé le 24 juillet 2017 à Singapour.

Entré au noviciat en 1955 il a prononcé ses vœux le 9 juillet 1957 à Wareham (Etats-Unis).

Il a été ordonné diacre à Ibaraki-Ken (Japon) le 15 septembre 1987.

Ses obsèques seront célébrées par les frères des Sacres Cœurs en Singapour le vendredi 28 juillet 2017.

Les cendres de Diacre Francis seront ramenées au Japon le lundi 31 juillet 2017.

Dans la paroisse de Mito au Japon, les obsèques seront célébrées le mercredi 2 août 2017 à 11h00.

Le diacre Francis manquera aux frères de Japon-Philippines pour son amour à la Congrégation et le don qu'il était pour la Province.


  • 1. Tony Biswas ha scritto il 26/07/2017 alle 08:37:

      I was rather shocked to hear  about the demise of brother. I knew that he was physically strong man, so could not believe it. He was such a lovely soul. He was so welcoming to everyone, He gave me so much love and care and support while I was in Japan.  He took me some near by places to visit when I arrived in Japan. He always made me feel at home in Tomobe every time I used to go there. He was approachable, kind, humble, loving, caring, youthful,available and patient and very hard working. He was an exemplary brother to me. His life encouraged me a lot. I remember everything he did for me. He helped and supported me a lot when I was assigned to Kashima parish as a priest in-charge. I will always remember his good deeds for me and for Tomobe  community. He was like a candle to all of us, who burnt itself to give light to all. I am wondering how Tomobe community will be without his presence.  May God give you eternal rest. Brother you will be remembered by all.

  • 2. David Reid ha scritto il 25/07/2017 alle 18:58:

    Eternal rest grant to Francis o Lord. Earlier this month I was with him at the community retreat in Indonesia and how much everyone enjoyed his magic show. With utter candor Francis went from trick to trick, some worked, some didn't and he laughed throughout a fun evening. I trust that he is still smiling at the memory of the brothers sharing so much fun laughter and good will. An event never to be forgotten and now with Francis gone to glory, a blessed memory of community.  Thanks Francis. David