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Another curve to flatten (Spain)

"Another curve to flatten" is the theme that the Parish of ‘Virgen del Camino’ in Malaga (Spain) - served by the religious of the Sacred Hearts - has decided on for their reflections on the experience of these two months of pandemic from a Caritas perspective. Caritas received a visit from Canal Málaga (Television) to draw attention to what the parish Caritas  is offering to new families who come to the parish for help. 

In these times, when the de-escalation of the measures to stop the Coronavirus has become part of the day to day reality, the famous curve that had to be flattened of infections and deaths is being left behind.  But there is another reality, the one that Caritas is living day by day, week by week. This reality also involves a curve that is played out in society and can only be flattened through solidarity. On the Y-axis, the one that goes up, we place the number of families that we are attending to, families looking up to the sky, hoping to receive the help that they need so much. The X axis runs straight towards the horizon and represents the time left - days and weeks - for those whose resources are diminishing. This attempt to represent reality, which is a graph or a mathematical model, shows us that we are in a phase of exponential growth. All our resources and efforts are now concentrated on attending to the immediate, ensuring that each and every one of the families that knock on our door does not lack the essentials to maintain a dignified life. But the road ahead is very long.