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XVII Assembly of CIAL (Brs)

From 20 to 24 September the XVII assembly of CIAL (brothers) took place via video-conference. 11 brothers participated by right in this assembly along with two invited guests. 

The members by right : Carlos Mendoza (Provincial of Mexico) and Juan Manuel Torres (Delegate); Hilvar Loyaga (Provincial of Andina) and Raul Pariamachi (Delegate); Osvanio Humberto Mariano (Provincial of Brazil) and Luiz Antonio Silva (Delegate); René Cabezon (Provincial) and Sandro Mancilla (Delegate); Angel Armoa (Regional of Paraguay); Enrique Ramirez (Coordinator of IF) and Guillermo Rosas (Coordinator of the OF).

Guests: Esther Alicia Armijos (representative of the Zonal Superior of the sscc sisters of the AL) and Jean Blaise Mwanda Ndozi (representative of the GG).

In accord with the agenda of each day, the General Econome and local bursars as well as all the superiors of each major community also participated.

Among the important topics discussed were: the revision of the CIAL statutes, finances, Youth-vocation ministry, IF & OF and the election of the coordinating team for the Executive Committee.

Some important decisions:

- The General Econome and the local bursars of major communities will have a meeting between September and December 2021, to discern and deepen economic solidarity and the future of the economy of the CIAL and the Congregation.

- From 17-18 November, 2021, an extraordinary assembly will take place, via video conference on IF. This is to evaluate and project the experience of the interdependence of IF of CIAL.

- The Interprovincial Novitiate 2022-2024 will take place in Argentina. Cristian Sandoval will be the Novice Master and Arnaldo Jara will be socius.

At the end, the elections of the coordination team took place. The following were elected

- Coordinator of the CIAL: Rene Cabezon

- Coordinator of the FI: Enrique Ramirez

- Coordinator of OF: Raul Pariamachi

The assembly took place in an atmosphere of openness, fraternity, mutual listening and joy.


May the process of seeking and journeying together as brothers, sisters and laity become a reality for our major and local communities and a life for each one of us.