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Beginning of the synodal path (Rome)

On the occasion of the beginning of the Synod of Synodality in Rome, the members of the four commissions appointed by the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops (theology, methodology, communication and spirituality) met together for the first time from October 9 to 12 in the new hall of the Synod.  The members participated in a day of reflection with Pope Francis, who pointed out: “If we speak of a Synodal Church, we cannot be content with the form, but we need the substance, the instruments and the structures that favor dialogue and interaction in the People of God, especially between priests and laity ”.  The very composition of the assembly, with a lay woman in the first row and a cardinal from the curia in the last row, revealed a different way of being, all of us feeling as the People of God walking together.  The subsequent meetings around the Paul VI Hall of the 15 linguistic groups into which the Assembly was divided were very interesting, and responded to the questions: How does “walking together” take place today in your local Church?  What hopes, expectations, fears and doubts do you have at the beginning of the opening of the Synod? The following methodology was used, and could well be used for our community meetings. 

 - A time for each one to share their answers to the questions

 - Personal reflection time: each one rereads their notes and plans a new brief contribution to share what resonates with them, challenges them, enlightens them, what they want to underline or take away for a spirituality of synodality.

 - A second moment for sharing. 

 - Discern and elaborate the synthesis with the comments. 


Sunday, 11 October was dedicated to the celebration of the opening mass of the Synod of Bishops in St. Peter's Basilica, with the motto "For a Synodal Church: communion, participation and mission."  The Pope offered three verbs for making the journey: find, listen and discern.  In the afternoon, the committee meetings begin.  For example, the communication team reflected on the key issues around the communication of the Synod.  In the following days, the commissions continue to meet and the compositions were mixed, so that the members of some commissions participated in other commissions.  This was organised by the coordinating team of the Secretariat: Nathalie Becquart, Luis Marín, Mario Grech and Thierry Bonaventura.  On the final day, 12 October, the Cardinal Rapporteur of the Synod, Jean-Claude Hollerich attended. The status of the different commissions was fed back.  The contribution on the practical methodologies used in the different synod experiences (data collection process, analysis / synthesis) was presented.  A discussion took place  on the methodology for the Instrumentum Laboris.  Other topics of the debate included how to accompany the dioceses in the first synodal phase.  In groups, among other things, a discussion took place on how to communicate synodality.  At the end of the plenary session some words came from the Secretary General, Cardinal Grech, who encouraged the participants to communicate the joy that we have experienced and lived in these days of walking together.  Our brother Fernando Cordero participated in these days as a member of the Communication Commission, which concludes that the Pope is ahead of us and has well designed the path of synodality, so his messages are key.  Documents and material can be accessed at: www.synod.va