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Interview with Félix Supranto sscc, Province of Indonesia

“I try to live zeal
as the charism of our Congregation”
In addition to being the parish priest in St. Odilia (Jakarta), Felix Supranto is a well-known writer in Indonesia. Concerned with dialogue with Islam, three of his books deal with the good relationship between Christians and Muslims.
What is the title of your latest book and what is the message that you hope to convey through its pages?
The title is ‘Take off the cursed cloth and put on the clothes of victory’. The message is God never curses us, but we often curse ourselves, especially when we have to go through a difficult time such as with Covid 19.
To break the curse, we should have positive thinking. God calls us to become winners, and not losers.
This is the 30th book you have published. You are clearly a well-known author and loved by readers in Indonesia. What does this writing ministry mean to you?
Thank God all of my books are best sellers. It means to me that I can proclaim the God’s Good News in order to strengthen the people who face so many problems.
When you write, what are your main sources of inspiration?
The inspiration for my books is the state of society that is passing through many various problems and the testimonies of many people who have won their lives. I then reflect on all this in the light of the Bible, especially in Isaiah 40:31.
Can you tell us about your favourite themes when it comes to your work as a writer.
The book I like the most is entitled Understanding women's hearts because not understanding women's hearts is a source of problems in the family.
How do you think your books can help us live our faith on a daily basis?
I believe that my books help my faith, the faith of the people, and our community. My own heart and many peoples’ hearts are filled with happiness and enthusiasm after reading my books.
Are you preparing any new work or book?
I made a promise to myself to write two books a year. I never feel writing books as a burden.  I just want to make the best use of the time God has given me. I don't want to waste the time because I believe I must give a responsible account of my time to God. I try to live zeal as the charism of our Congregation.