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Interprovincial Community of Professed - San Juan, Chile (Brs)

This year, the international community of professed of CIAL in San Juan (Santiago de Chile) is made up of 8 young brothers. One of them, Marco Ramiro Garcia born February 3, 1985 in Mexico, is in his third year of temporary profession. Two of them are in their second year of temporary vows: Rafael Tacuri Huaraca, born on July 27, 1989, in Peru, and Oscar Casanova Silva, born April 25, 1990, in Chile.

Five newly professed brothers have been integrated for the first time in this community: Jorge de Oliveira Campos, born April 2, 1986, in Brazil, Carlos Cuevas Solis, born November 15, 1986, in Mexico; João Lucas Barbosa Alves, born July 22, 1987, in Brazil, Gustavo Barreto Betancourt, born on January 27, 1989, in Mexico, and Elkin Collazos Carvajal, born on July 27, 1989, in Colombia. These eight professed brothers are accompanied by Eduardo Pérez-Cotapos, from Chile and Juan Manuel Torres from Mexico. In total, it is a community of 10 brothers.

During the summer all formandees and Juan Manuel paid a visit to their home communities. Some of them for days of holiday, some for apostolic activities, and others to celebrate their first profession. All arrived back in San Juan very pleased from their respective activities.

The “opening day” took place in early March, partly at home and partly in the retreat house of Macul. Rafael Tacuri was elected as the community leader. This year all the brothers studied at the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University, San Joaquín Campus. Only Elkin is pursuing philosophical studies, while all others are already in theology courses. Given the physical proximity between the study center and the community, many practical issues are facilitated. Eduardo also teaches Sacred Scripture there, and has recently taken the position as vice-dean of the Faculty of Theology.

During this first month and a half the life of the community has developed smoothly. "We live in a very good atmosphere of brotherhood, interpersonal integration and study. We have developed the community project for the first semester, putting the emphasis on this aspect: to live fraternity as a fundamental element of our community, through spiritual, academic and pastoral mutual accompaniment. "