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Preparation for perpetual vows in Salamanca (Spain) - Sisters

Month of October was a moment of blessing for each of us in many ways. The first week of this month we had formation with Nuria Lobo San Francisco on the “Four Ages of Jesus,” which is the base of our spirituality: that in Jesus we find everything, his life, death and resurrection. At each stage of Jesus, we had an opportunity to visit different communities in Madrid. For the childhood we had opportunity with small school children in Paraiso, for the Hidden life we had gone to the novitiate house (Nuestra Señora de la Paz) to encounter their life and mission, for the Apostolic life of Jesus the community of Paraiso shared their life in mission and for the Crucified Life we had gone to El Escorial sister’s community. The sisters were excited to see all the young sisters from different parts of the world. We all were inspired and touched by their warm welcome and the joy of sharing their life with us. Visiting various communities gave us new inspiration and hope to live our religious life enthusiastically and to have zeal for the mission. It was an opportunity to know the sisters personally about their life, vocation and mission they are engaged with.

In the second week we had a session on consecration to the Sacred Hearts which helped us to deepen and experience in our daily life the heart of Jesus and Mary.

On the 18th, one of the sisters, Dulce María Mera Melquiadez, from Mexico, renewed her vows for the second time with a beautiful prayer service. Nuria Lobo San Francisco was there to receive the vows and the sisters of both communities were present to witness and rejoice with her. After that we had a festive lunch together.

On the same day we had a joint program with the brothers and sisters on the topic vision and challenges of the congregation.  Patricia Villarroel, SS.CC spoke about the challenges we face as a Congregation, Church and World. Alberto Toutin, SS.CC spoke about the identity and belongingness as brothers and sisters of the Congregation. The encounter was very encouraging and helped us to realize the importance of belongingness.

In the last week of the month we had a session on Interculturality which helped us to appreciate and respect our own culture and others cultures as well. When we are in another culture we need to be born again in order to make the gospel culture as missionary. Living in an international community has allowed us to discover the richness, similarities and differences of each person and their culture. We share the same faith in Jesus Christ, striving to live the Gospel values, trying to be more welcoming and accepting of one another.

We have finished all the formations in Salamanca and are excited to go to France at the birthplace of the Congregation to give us new hope and inspiration to live and witness the redeeming love of Christ in our daily realities.