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Feast of Blessed Fr. Eustaquio in Belo Horizonte (Brs)

The memory of Blessed Fr. Eustaquio has been particularly marked from Saturday August 30, 2014, with the elevation of the Sacred Hearts Parish, known as the church of Fr. Eustaquio, as Archdiocesan Shrine of Health and Peace. The Archdiocese of Belo Horizonte and the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts recognize the great spiritual and humanitarian legacy of Blessed Eustaquio and assume this new evangelizing mission, responding to the call of God's people.

August 30, 2014, the seventy-first anniversary of the death of Father Eustaquio, was the day chosen for the installation of the new sanctuary. According to the practice and spirituality of Father Eustaquio, reconciliation, health and peace are the three key words for the project of evangelization of this new sanctuary. The preparation of the festivity lasted for nine days, with the presence of the auxiliary bishops of Belo Horizonte, episcopal vicars, SSCC brothers, and always with a significant presence of the parishioners and devotees of Fr. Eustaquio.

Every year a crowd rushes to the Church of the Sacred Hearts, and this year there was a great increase in people’s participation. Eight Masses were held. One was presided over by Cardinal Dom Serafim Fernandes de Araújo, archbishop emeritus of Belo Horizonte; another by Dom Luiz Mancilha Vilela, our SSCC brother, Metropolitan Archbishop of Vitória, Espírito Santo.

At 19 hours Dom Walmor, Archbishop of Belo Horizonte, presided at the Eucharist concelebrated by Luiz Mancilia sscc, Marcus Vinicius Maciel sscc (provincial and vicepostulator) and many sscc brothers and religious priests and diocesan. In this Eucharist took place the blessing and installation of the "Sanctuary of Health and Peace" and the appointment of Fr. Sergio Stein sscc as its first rector.

The celebrations concluded with a concert, and by the launching of a CD called "Health and Peace" accompanied with beautiful display of fireworks.

The crowd that thronged all day in the Eucharistic celebrations, beside the tomb of the Blessed, and an increasing evidence of the graces received through the intercession of Fr. Eustaquio, demonstrated the welcome of the faithful to the new sanctuary.

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  • 1. Emilio Vega sscc ha scritto il 09/06/2014 alle 19:46:

    Bendito sea Dios. En la distancia, hemos seguido este evento desde que se anunció. A mi me lo comunicó Lucélia. Gracias a Dios. ¡Nuestro mundo necesita tanto salud y paz! Ojalá sean muchos que, acogidos al P. Eustaquio, se reconcilien con Dios y con los hermanos. Yo también "gostei" la fiesta y estaba presente. Sergio, adelante, para que P. Eustquio sea reconocido como Santo porque los milagros y conversiones también dependen de nuestra fe y oración. Abrazos y oraciones. Emilio sscc