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Feast of the Good Father in Ireland- England province (Brs)

Many of the Sacred Hearts Family of the Ireland-England Province came together on the evening of the Feast of the Good Father to remember and celebrate the lives of two of the Founder’s well know spiritual children: Damien and Eustáquio.

In the Sacred Heart Church in Sruleen, Dublin (Ireland), SSCC brothers, sisters and associates as well as parishioners came together to see a one man play that has the title ‘Damien’. This is a play in two parts that was written by Aldyth Morris in 1976. 

The play is set in 1936 when Damien’s body is being transported from Molokai to his native Belgium. Damien’s story is told through a series of flashbacks.  It is a truly inspiring story of one man’s heroic struggles with faith, disease, authority and the power of Gospel love. Fr. Michael Ruddy, SSCC played the character of Damien and gave an excellent and moving performance. All proceeds of the play go towards the Sacred Hearts Mission in India.

That same evening, across the Irish Sea, in the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, Acton (England), brothers from the English Area assembled in Church with many parishioners to celebrate reconciliation and healing in a Mass said in memory and in thanksgiving for Blessed Eustáquio

The service was very well attended and for many people it was their first introduction to Eustáquio.  What was perhaps unique and lovely about this celebration was that it began with the celebration of reconciliation which flowed into the sacrament of the sick and concluded with the Eucharist. To quote the title of a book by Fr. Michael Ruddy sscc, a ‘seamless robe’. Many people afterwards spoke warmly about the celebration and how they found it both inspiring and moving.