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Upcoming Program of World Youth Day in Rio (Brs)

Fr.Marcus Vinicius Maciel ss.cc., provincial of Brazil, has sent a letter explaining the program organized by the Province of Brazil for the next World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, and inviting to participate.

Rio de Janeiro, April 13, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Health and Peace!

Within 100 days will began the World Youth Day with Pope in Rio de Janeiro.

A week earlier, on July 15, we will meet in Belo Horizonte, in the Memorial of Father Eustaquio, for the opening of the Sacred Hearts Mission Week.

In Belo Horizonte will be welcomed into the homes of families of our parishes and in our own ss.cc. places. We will have the opportunity to make visit to the Memorial, to celebrate the Eucharist, have a vigil and a cultural show.

On Tuesday, the 16th, after lunch, exit to the interior of Brazil, in the mountains, where the Diocese of Patos de Minas joins the ss.cc. province to welcome our youth in Patrocinio, state of Minas Gerais.

The arrival will be at 19 pm, with the hosting by families and the religious celebration of regional expression Afro-Brazilian-Portuguese.

On the morning of Day 17, Wednesday, will be an opportunity to meet in small groups (12 people), in prayer groups (24 people), and share a conference on mission illuminated by three icons of our SS.CC. spirituality: San Damien SS.CC., the Martyrs of the twentieth century in Spain and the Blessed Eustaquiio SS.CC., who was the first to reach that city in 1926, and where he spent his time in "exile" in 1942.

In the afternoon we will have workshops on culture, art and religion in Brazil (music, dance, crafts, traditional games, cooking, "quadrilha", "congados", "folia de reis" ... In the evening, after the Eucharist, the delegations are invited to present something of their art and culture.

Thursday will be the "DnD": "Dia na Diocese” (Day in the diocese). The parishes of the region would lead the young people, in groups of 24-48 people, to visit parishes, rural communities, social work and to celebrate the faith in the communities.

We all will sleep in the communities of the neighboring towns, returning to Patrocinio after lunch on Friday. Around 16h, groups of 12 people will gather to share their experiences.

In the evening we will have a round of talks with representatives from each delegation, sharing their experiences of youth ministry. Then comes the cultural night.

On Saturday morning we will make an ecological "caminhada" to the small rural sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida. On the way families of the rural communities will serve refreshments to the pilgrims. In conclusion we will have a Marian celebration in the shrine, praying rosary in different languages. Back by bus to our host families and the afternoon will be for resting.

In the evening we will have a Eucharistic procession through the streets that will end with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Plaza.

On Sunday morning meetings in small groups (12 people), prayer groups (24 people), for sharing, and a conference on "Young Disciples in Mission". In the afternoon we will have opportunity for workshops on culture, art and religion in Brazil (music, dance, crafts, traditional games, the kitchen, "quadrilha", "congados", "folia de reis" ...)

The final Eucharist and sending will be presided by the diocesan bishop, D. Claudio Nori. After Mass a farewell party.

At 23 h. departure by bus to the National Shrine of the Saint Patroness of Brazil "Nossa Senhora Aparecida". Brief visit to the Shrine. After lunch drive to Rio de Janeiro.

In Rio, we will integrate ourselves in the planning and organization of the World Youth Day.

So far some 400 young SS.CC. people are confirmed, from 9 nationalities.

Please contact us for registration and information.

United in the SS.CC.

Fraternally, on behalf of the teams and of our Province
P. Marcus Maciel, SS.CC.