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Visit to the community of St. Gabriel Parish (Bandung)

From March 1 to 2, Alberto and Jean Blaise visited the community of St. Gabriel parish, in Bandung, the place of pastoral work of our brothers: Dedi Riberu, Oscar Jegaut and Harris Soerianto. On March 1, they started with the personal encounter with each brother. On March 2, they met with the 3 brothers. Among the points addressed were: SSCC characteristics of the parishes and the specificity of Saint Gabriel. Where are the poor? Brothers/Priests SSCC: Good models: Martin Irawan, Hendrik Assan, FP: Oscar's studies on mission; other spaces in the province or in the diocese, ministry and accountability: what can we learn from bad experiences? Instrument of evaluation of our pastoral work (of the diocese and/or the congregation), Safeguarding policy - beyond rules, an attitude of prevention of abuse and mutual help...

Right after this meeting, they went to visit the Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Bandung, where the Enlarged General Council (Brothers) and the Council of Congregation (Sisters) will be held from September 3 to 13, 2023, in Bandung.

In the afternoon of the same day, the visitors participated in the adoration at St. Gabriel Parish: Brothers, Sisters and Secular Branch. It was prepared and animated by the postulants of Father Damien Seminary. Afterwards, they had the meeting with the Secular Branch of Bandung, composed of 24 members and 3 communities. The members of the Congregation who accompany them are: Paulus Budi Yunianto sscc and Kristina Lipat Samon sscc and the coordinator is Yulia Sriatun. There are 40 persons who are preparing for their first commitment. Alberto reminded them of some important events of the Congregation: beatification of the Picpus martyrs, world meeting of the Secular Branch and Enlarged General Council and Council of the Congregation.

Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3YxqBpO