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Visit to the community in the parish of St. Damien of Molokai, Lau Baleng (Medan)

From 16-17 March, Alberto and Jean Blaise visited the community attached to the parish of St. Damien in Lau Baleng (Medan). This parish is under the pastoral care of our sscc brothers, Antonius Nikolaus Suprapto, Bernardus Benny and Leonardus Beda Kajen (present for a pastoral experience). After having spoken with each brother, on the morning of March 17, the visitors then met with the community. They began by thanking the brothers of this community for their presence in this place on behalf of the Congregation, despite the distance involved and the learning of the local language. Some points were shared and commented on: meetings with the two closest communities (Lau Baleng and Lau Deski), annual zone meeting between the 4 sscc communities located in North Sumatra (Medan, Lau Baleng, Lau Deski and Mentawai),  team work, accompanying the brothers who come for a pastoral experience, sscc identity of this parish, process of making decisions together with the parish council,  connecting with the sscc sisters who have a mission project in this area, the pastoral priority of this parish?

In the afternoon Alberto and Jean Blaise participated in a meeting with some representatives of the parish council and some members of the surrounding communities. The program included an official welcome from the parish community, a few words of greeting, traditional dance steps and an interesting dialogue with the parishioners through questions. Right after this a meal was served to all the participants, according to the Karo culture and tradition.

Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3YxqBpO