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The Conclusion of CAP Formators Assembly (Brs)

From the 5th to the 10th of August 2013 the formators of Initial Formation (IF) of CAP had their assembly in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), that was also a time for their own ongoing formation. All formators were present except those from French Polynesia. The agenda went as follows:

- Presentation of the reports of different coordinators of IF in the CAP
- The theme of individualism in community life
- The theme of the General Chapter in relation to IF
- The theme of the preparation for perpetual vows
- The theme of the IF at the time of the "high-tech"
- The three-year program
- Evaluation.

Each theme was developed by one of the formators and followed by a time for questions and sharing. The method adopted was that of the working group and pooling in plenary. Every day there was an hour Adoration. Other times of prayer were done together with the community of the professed brother seminarians. They have a regular prayer schedule.

Last Thursday, August 8, the formators visited a Buddhist temple of Borobudur and a Hindu temple of Prambanan. It was a moment of leisure and of changing of activities. For many of them, it was a first time entering in a Buddhist temple. They also had time to visit the sscc sisters, where they had a Mass presided over by Ajith Kumar. The sisters have also prepared a beautiful table for dinner.

The evaluation done by the formators of CAP is very positive.