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Election Regional Assembly (India)

The Region of India celebrated its Election Regional Assembly from 21-  24 June 2022 in the Sacred Hearts Formation Community, Dangadighila, Kolkata, West Bengal. Prior to the assembly Ajith Kumar Antony Dass was re-appointed as the regional Superior of India. Fr. Lane Akiona, the provincial of US Province made his maiden visit to India and participated in the assembly. His presence meant a lot for the brothers in the region. We all prayed for him to get his visa to visit India and our prayers were heard. Fr. Jeyaraj Vellusamy, sj was the facilitator of the assembly. He is the rector of St. Xavier’s Collage, Kolkata. He has experience of facilitating chapters and assemblies in the past. There were 22 participants including the Provincial and facilitator. Our theme for our assembly 2022 was “Journeying together as a region with the Holy Spirit.”  

The first day of our assembly began with words of welcome from the Regional Superior who then introduced the facilitator of the assembly. Fr. Lane, the Provincial addressed the assembly followed by a report from the Regional Superior. Both addresses were well received by the assembly. There were also reports from the different communities and commissions followed by clarifications and discussion. 

On the second day, the first half involved input and reflection. Fr. Jeyaraj Vellusamy, SJ, gave us input based on the responses of the brothers to the questionnaire that had been earlier sent out. He facilitated a group discussion and sharing. Based on our reflections, discussion and sharing, we drafted a vision statement for the upcoming three years.   


The third day was Election Day. The Regional Superior is appointed by the Provincial Superior and two councillors are elected during the election assembly. Fr. Ajith Antony Dass, sscc was re-appointed as regional for one more term. Fr. Umakant Porichha, was elected as Vicar and Fr. Radhelal Jatwar was elected as councilor. These three form the Regional Government. After the election, we reviewed our old policies to remind us of our commitment and to revise if needed. During our evening session we revisited the proposals brought by the different communities and commissions. By the end of the day we finalised our vision statement for 2022-25 with proposals for the Regional Government. Our Vision Statement is:

“As called and consecrated Sacred Hearts Religious, we, the Region of India, are committed to Christ’s Mission by journeying together in dialogue and discernment, and supporting every brother through fraternal love and trust, animated by servant leadership, guided by synodal spirit, ever rooted and grounded in our Charism.”

During the fourth and final day of the assembly, the proposals were approved followed by an address given to the Assembly by the Provincial. The assembly culminated  with  a solemn Eucharistic celebration and the installation of the new regional government.  This was followed by a festive meal of the feast of the Sacred Heart.  

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