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The beginning of canonical visitation of the Region of India (Brs.)

On 13 September Thomas Sukotriraharjo and Fernando Cordero arrived in Kolkata to begin the canonical visitation of the Region of India, which will last until 8 October. The first days were spent in the sscc formation house in Kolkata, which serves as a house of formation (novitiate and temporary vows) and a small nursery school. They visited the sscc sisters and also the archbishop, Thomas D'Souza.  Their meeting with him lasted  75 minutes, during which time they discussed some of the challenges of the archdiocese, specific points about the sscc mission in the diocese and concrete examples of synodality. 

Together with Ajith Kumar, the Regional Superior, Fernando and Thomas also visited the recently completed Damien House, a place that will welcome and host volunteers who wish to have an experience with the Missionaries of Charity. At the beginning of the visit, they also had a meeting with the three members of the regional government, as well as the coordinators of ongoing formation, initial formation and the regional bursar.

After a conversation with the members of the SSCC formation house, a community meeting was held in which the visitors invited the brothers to renew their enthusiasm for religious life, deepen the SSCC spirituality that unites us and be a presence of the Kingdom in the midst of the Muslim neighbourhood in which they live.

On 15 September, Juan de Dios Carretero, a brother in temporary vows from the Iberian Province, arrived in Kolkata and will spend a formative year with the brothers of the Region of India.

* Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3qGi0Cr