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SS.CC. Brothers and Sisters, friends who meet us on the web,

With gratitude and happiness we initiate this new stage of the web site of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts.  Without doubt it is an appropriate instrument to help us live our vocation.

There are many other web sites of the Congregation (provinces, youth pastoral, schools, parishes, works, etc.).  This is the web site of “the General Governments” of Rome.  That is to say, it is an instrument of the General Governments to accomplish the task that the Congregation entrusted to us, at the service of all, the entire Congregation.

Three words describe what we wish to promote with this new web site.

COMMUNION.  The Good Mother said that “the heart overcomes distance”.  Through the notices and the articles that will be published in this site we will be able to feel close, to overcome the distances.  Today, technology provides this dramatic means.  The heart loves only what it knows.  The reality of the Congregation is complex; there are many lights and many shadows.  We hope that through this web site we will know each other better, fell ourselves more closely united.  In our historic moment we need to be aware that we are part of a very diverse international body present in a variety of cultures, but we remain united and in communion with each other through the gift that the Holy Spirit bestows on us.  And gifts must be nurtured.

FORMATION.  The site will offer a range of elements that will lead us to look at our history, at our spiritual patrimony and at our future.  On one hand, it will look at the sources, offering daily quotations from our Founders (sometimes also from the Constitutions); it will also look at our history, recording what happened on “a particular day”, inviting us to “drink the water of our own well”. The section, the SS.CC. Library, hopes to collect as much existing material as possible in digital documents.  But, also, through the SS.CC. Blog, invite reflection, sharing of experiences, dreams, preoccupations and expectations.

PRESENCE.  Recognizing that this web site is fundamentally directed to the SS.CC. Brothers and Sisters and to the members of the Secular Branch, being in this mysterious world of the internet  permits us to penetrate this “New World” that also needs to be evangelized.  So there are pages that present the Congregation (founders, vocation and mission, history, witnesses, actual presences, etc…).  There is also a section that presents the vocational question and offers possibilities of contacting the Congregation.  And, more importantly, what we recount in our web site will be read by other people: we are “public” people.  Nothing will replace our daily personal and communal witness.  What we present in our web site wishes to be an authentic reflection of what we live.  Know it and let others know it; hopefully it will be an incentive to live our vocation with greater intensity.



  • 1. Jeanne Cécile Deloustal ha scritto il 10/08/2013 alle 12:22:

    Bonjour de Dreux.
    A l'instant je prends connaissance de la nouveauté de notre site.
    J'y retournerai aussi souvent que possible à cause de mon grand amour de la Congrégation.

    Merci à tous ceux et celles qui travaillent à alimenter le site et bonne continuation.

    Jeanne Cécile DELOUSTAL, ss.cc.

  • 2. Bernadette Faulkner ha scritto il 10/05/2013 alle 17:42:

    A great website which opens itself out to a variety of interested browsers.  I am still navigating though to find an easy access to UK/Ireland focus

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