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Assembly of the Vice Province of Ecuador 2016 (Brs)

The Assembly began with the pilgrimage to the Holy Door of the Shrine of Divine Mercy which is outside of Guayaquil. We had the opening Mass of the Assembly immediately after passing through the Holy Door.  It was Monday, September 29 at 17:30. Then we went to the Retreat House in Salinas.

Tuesday 30 we got started with reflection on our PARL , proposals in light of the new Province of Columbia-Ecuador-Peru.  The document had been worked up by small groups . This took up the morning and afternoon.

On Wednesday, we took up again some of the material from PARL and this passed over into structures for the new Province  both morning and afternoon. We concluded with the beginning of the postulancy of Francesco of Peru and Oliver of Columbia when they took on the commitment to live this time of discernment.

On Thursday, for the first part of the day we took up the question of finances. Later we reflected on the structure of a project of the Vice Provincial vocational Ministry. What got the discussion going were issues of style, themes, strategies for animating the project and co-responsibility for this foundational theme for the life of the Vice Province. 

The day closed with a celebration of the Jubilees: Eladio Romero, 25 years of religious vows; Manuel de Bezenac, 50 years; José Castro 25 years a priest and there were academic graduations to celebrate: Eladio Romero, Salomón Sarango, Hilbar Loyaga and  Víctor Gualán- this celebration and the whole assembly ended with a cook-out, the responsibility of the community of Guayaquil. All done in a spirit of brotherhood.