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News from Chile


Dear Brothers,
As far as we know all the brothers are ok after the earthquake. We have no news from Concepción. Only Rafael is there as Guillermo and Alex were away from the area. The problem of communication with Concepción is national no one has been able to communicate with it.
With regard to property, there is damage to the front part of the Novitiate (made of adobe). Since there is a small group there, they can gather in the newer building. An evaluation will have to be made in the next few days.
There are cracks and fallen ceilings in the brothers’ house in Valparaíso, but it appears that there is no structural damage. The school and church in Valparaíso had only minor damage (stucco, the façade…) In all of the other houses, there are only small things like stucco and objects which have fallen.
In the new provincial house, which is being worked on, all seems to be OK.
For those who are out of the country, it is not easy to communicate by telephone. But I reiterate, all the brothers are OK. It was a very strong and wide-spread earthquake and there are important damages and shocks, at least from Valparaíso to Temuco, as well as Juan Fernández. Santiago is functioning with certain normality, even though transportation system is very weak and the metro will not be in operation until tomorrow. Officially there are 150 deaths in the country but this number is sure to increase. There is still not sufficient information arriving from the area of Maule and Concepción, where it is almost certain the number of victims will climb.
The foreign brothers in Chile are OK. The professed from the house in San Juan are in Macul, as the San Juan house was just finishing some construction (there were no problems with the remodeling); in four days they will return to their house.
United in prayer,
Sergio Pérez de Arce ss.cc.
News from 28 February 2010, at 17:32
Guillermo Rosas received a “text message” from Rafael Domínguez: he is OK and the house is OK. It is the only communication we have had. There is no news about the school in Concepción. Communication continues to be very difficult.
At the level of the Congregation, there are no large losses and the brothers and sisters are ok. The situation is different in many towns and cities.
Thank you for your concern and greetings,