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Assembly in Colombia and Perpetual Profession of Isaac Moreno (Brs)

The Vice Province of Colombia had its assembly at beginning of the year from 19 to 23 January in Chinauta Retreat House. The first three days were dedicated to ongoing formation. A workshop was scheduled oriented on "Being priests of the Sacred Hearts" by Alex Vigueras of Chile and Paulo Meza. For health reasons Alex was not able to be present. Paulo, a Chilean theater actor, facilitated the workshop, and assisted us with his work to reflect on our way to enter into relationship with the world and with people in terms of bodily contact.

In a second part there was a report of last year’s happenings in the Vice provincial. From this, arose a dialogue between the brothers regarding the departure of a number of brothers that reveals the fragility we have and the inability to sustain the work we have today. Looking at integration with Ecuador and Peru, there is a need to strengthen the local communities which requires giving up one more ministry. This is hard for the brothers to take. We set the task to reflect further on the matter in order to make a thoroughly reflected decision during the year.

After the report of the Vice provincial, there was a financial report of the Vice Province, that include the presentation of reports from San Damiano College and Father Damien Foundation. There continue to be significant steps in financial management, both in clarity and in planning. The financial contribution from the work in Puerto Rico can finance much of the cost of the Vice province.

At eleven o’clock on 24 January at St Damian, our brother Isaac Moreno Moreno sscc made his Perpetual profession. He was accompanied by some brothers of the Vice province, three sisters of the Congregation, his family members and several youths from the Parishes of San Antonio de Padua, Santa Maria de la Luz and San Damiano. It was a beautiful celebration animated by a large choir and chaired by the Vice provincial, Arley Guarín Sosa sscc