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Perpetual Vow of Nicolás Viel (Brs)

On 18 July 2015, accompanied by his family, friends, brothers and sisters of the Congregation, Nicolás Viel González professed his perpetual vows in the Church of the Sacred Hearts of Manquehue School.

"I'm happy to see this celebration is filled with people so dear, with whom we have shared so much." Those were the first words of gratitude from Nicholas at the end of the ceremony in which he professed his final vows. He thanked each of the people he has met along the way, to all those who made this celebration, every place where it has been and, most especially, his late mother, because since he was a child she taught him that "the love that Gospel proclaims should not be kept at home.”

The Provincial Superior of the Congregation, Alex Vigueras sscc, stressed that this celebration has been a great joy to all the brothers, as Nicholas has been a significant person, because since he was a student he has made a fairly strong presence. "It gives us great joy, especially to see him being convinced of the path that he will give in these times; a path that is for life, which is consecrated to the religious life of the Church, especially in these difficult times we are going through… Keep looking for that God who is the root of our life and our horizon. In short, life is to risk, offer it and lose it." he says.

For his family this celebration has also been a source of joy. At the time he made the decision to devote his life to God, they say they have been very happy. "Since completing his law studies and decided to enter the Congregation we saw that he was very confident with the path he was going to give, and this celebration is the pinnacle of all that, so we are all very happy," said his father Jorge Viel.