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Interview with Yulia Sriatun, Coordinator of the SSCC Secular Branch in Indonesia

I feel that the Eucharist and Adoration
are a source of strength and enthusiasm”


Can you please briefly introduce yourself

My name is Yulia Sriatun. My husband is Methodeus Basuki. I was born in the city of Solo, Central Java. I am a housewife, an insurance agent, and a local community activist in my neighborhood and parish. I became a member of the SSCC Secular Branch in 2011. I am one of the first members of the Secular Branch in Bandung.

How does SSCC spirituality inspire your life as a lay person and in your married life?

  • To contemplate, live, and proclaim to the world about the love of God incarnated in Jesus.
  • Living a calling in family life that is characterized by simplicity. Also carrying out apostolic service with a family spirit, where we are sent to bring the good news and receive the good news.

What would you highlight about the Secular Branch in Indonesia?

  • Living the spirit of Jesus in Eucharistic prayer, adoration and community life.
  • What I would highlight about the Secular Branch in Indonesia is the Eucharist and adoration, because I feel that the Eucharist and adoration are a source of strength and enthusiasm for us, and enable us to love our neighbors. This helps us open our eyes more and to see and serve Jesus in others, especially those in need.
  • Getting to know Jesus in the community through working together with brothers and sisters in fighting for justice and peace as well as service to the poor, the sick and the oppressed.

How do you recruit new young candidates for the Secular Branch?

  • Being active in local area.
  • Collaboration Various activities within the parish.
  • with the parish priest to help with the promotion of the Secular Branch.
  • Cooperation with the sisters in various social activities.
  • Printing brochures about the Secular Branch, to distribute to parishioners at St Michael and St Gabriel Parishes, in order to recruit candidates.
  • We also had a pilgrimage with people from various parishes in Bandung.


To recap then, we recruit new members in various ways such as: actively taking part in various activities in the local Church Community and parish; by making announcements in SSCC parishes; distributing brochures; and through pilgrimage activities. We are also assisted by our parish priest to promote our SSCC Secular Branch.

What would you ask of the brothers and sisters of the Congregation?

We hope that the brothers and sisters always support the Secular Branch, and that we can work together in service of all, and always harmonious and unified.