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Postulancy-Aspirancy Community in Peru 2015 (brothers)


On Wednesday February 25, the "Montemar" postulancy community  was formally launched. The event was celebrated with the Eucharist presided over by Paulino Colque Ccori, new Provincial of Peru. Pedro Vidarte, provincial vicar was also present.

Until the month of August of this year, the community of "Montemar" will have six members. Three are religious: Raúl Pariamachi (who just completed his service as provincial and prepares to take over as novice master in 2016), Lucio Colque (responsible for the postulants) and Franklin Astorga (a brother in temporary vows). And three are young men: Joaquin Molina is a postulant; two are called “aspirants,” since they will be in Peru only until August 2015. They are Ernesto (26) and Giancarlo (19).

Why is this? In August 2015, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador will begin a common postulancy in Ecuador. This initiative is part of the process of joining the brothers of the three communities into one single province in 2017. That postulancy could start with as many as  6 young men.

Therefore Ernesto and Giancarlo  will live as aspirants in the house for postulants, while Joaquín will live the whole stage of postulancy with the prospect of going to the first Latin American novitiate in Peru, starting in January 2016. Until this year 2015, the novitiate had been in Curacaví, Chile.

Despite the changes ahead, the priorities of formation, at home in the present Province, continue to be: strengthen the young men in the experience of following Jesus in the context of community life and facilitate the proper formative processes of this stage.