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Assembly of the sisters of the Province of Spain (Srs)

On the 27th and 28th August, following the Provincial retreat which was held in the sisters’ retreat house in El Escorial, the sisters gathered in the same place for the assembly which takes place every two years. As always it is a moment of re-connection among the sisters, of deepening their life and work together and of course experiencing the joy of sharing together.

This year, among the other questions treated and information shared, the reflection was centred especially on the importance of the “plans”; they were invited to remember and to see the plan as a gift in our life and also to see what might be the pitfalls within them or as we try to carry them out. All of this served for the groups to work on what will be the Pastoral Plans of the Zone. It has been a good opportunity to be able to listen to each other to see the difficulties , the fears, but above all the richness that this change could bring to the life of the sisters if they are open and available.

They also enjoyed moments of prayer and relaxation together. The sisters were grateful for being able to have this space as an Assembly and are sure that it will help them as they begin the new term.