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November has ended!

And as is our tradition, we will give you a brief account of this month as we prepare for final vows. It has been marked by our stay in France, getting to know the founding places and allowing ourselves to be immersed in the history of our congregation.

We had a wonderful time! Jeanne and Mary accompanied us with the formative themes of this month, the history of the Congregation, and the rereading of our ss.cc. charism respectively. We had time to get to know the sisters, who have marked our days with their dedication, self-giving and good humour, with special mention to Marie Gabrielle who fed the often hungry juniors, Jeanne-Cecile who taught us that we are never too old to have good humour, and Marie-Agnes who reminded us that there is no language that prevents us from communicating when the heart is eager to make itself understood. It was also beautiful and important to meet the sisters of the infirmary, who reminded us how to give our lives to the end and to remain at the feet of the Lord until the final day.

We walked a lot around Poitiers and enjoyed a quick visit to Paris, with a special stop in Picpus where brothers and sisters welcomed us warmly and where we met a writer who was particularly well known to us, our brother Bernard Couronne, who gave us so much to read, especially during the novitiate. Meeting him, as one of the juniors said, was almost more exciting than visiting the Eiffel Tower!

There is neither time nor space to tell you everything we experienced, but we do want you to know that spending a month in this city, discovering its places, being able to pray in the chapel of the Grand’Maison, in front of the hidden tabernacle... have been significant moments, reminding us of where we come from, helping us to gain momentum. Walking hand in hand with the letters of Gabriel de la Barre, Hilarion Lucas, Henriette Aymer, Isidore David, Pierre Coudrin, Françoise de Viart, Raphael Bonamie... in these places had a special charm. They seemed to accompany our steps when the wood of the Grand’Maison creaked, when we discovered the hiding places at the time of the revolution, when you hold on to a railing of dubious strength, when you look through books and archives so old that you are afraid to touch them, lest they fall apart in your hands... Or when you enter the granary of La Motte, or contemplate the solitary paths of S. George de Noisné... It seems as if in all these places, the founders and the first brothers and sisters accompanied our steps, and whispered to us "it's your time, don't be afraid, be daughters of the ss.cc, look at our life, learn from our mistakes, have our same courage... and be courageous, for we are still needed. Now it is your turn to live and announce what you have contemplated here! "And one can only feel heirs to the treasure that they found, and to which they dedicated their lives, with its lights and shadows, in the right decisions they made and in the big mistakes: "Courage", "Fiat” …

The month passed very quickly, and we are back in Salamanca as we face the end of our experience together, but knowing that Poitiers will still be there, still standing, for all those who need to come back and rest, remember, read, experience the God who pierces the fog (and the darkness). It will stand for as long as just one of us needs to talk to the Good Lord, through the creaking timbers, the hidden tabernacle, and the railings of dubious firmness. There is only one small condition for this: Take off your shoes, and "leave your coats at the entrance".

Thanks to all those who have made this month of experience at the origins possible, to those who have accompanied us directly, and to all of you who continue to pray for us.

United in the Sacred Hearts.

Elena Díaz ss.cc.