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The canonical visit of the Sisters to Spain and Africa is Underway until May 3 (Srs)

The General Government of the sisters is presently  doing  the canonical visit to Spain and to the Delegation of Africa, which is a dependent of Spain.

 Thus, on April 11 Goyi Marin and Alicia Mamani returned to Spain They visited the communities of Congo and Mozambique. In addition to the visits to the communities, they had substantial get-togethers with the various committees: Youth Ministry, Economy, Laity, as well as members of the Secular Branch of each area.

Meanwhile, Aurora Laguarda and Mary McCloskey visited the communities of the areas of Madrid and Extremadura. The visit began with a meeting with the Provincial Government, who offered a quick overview of the Province and the priorities and challenges for the next three years.  In the Madrid area there are 6 communities, among which is the new Novitiate community, with novices from Spain and Africa. There was also a meeting with school board and Youth and Vocation Ministry team of “El Paraíso”.

Later they visited the communities of Extremadura: Jaraíz de la  Vera and Talayuela, taking note of the social work of the “Escuela Hogar” (boarding school) which is so needed in that locality.  The visit to the communities and sisters took place in an environment of family and joy.

After the visit to each community there is an area meeting. At that meeting, illuminated with text from Isaiah, to expand the tent, sisters were invited to delve into the attitudes, the real situations, the commitments and strengths needed to embody the “new face” that we want to build among all.  In the Madrid area there were present 67 sisters and in the Extremadura area there were 9.

On April 11 the Superior General, Emperatriz Arrobo joined the visit.  Mary McCloskey returned to Rome on 15. The days in between, April 13 and 14,  were devoted to meeting with the various committees of the Province, with the Board and with the Youth/Vocation Ministry team of the school “Henriette Aymer”, in Madrid.

On Tuesday April 14, a group of the Secular Branch of Madrid met with Emperatriz and the councilors Alicia, Mary and Goyi, at the Provincial House of the Sisters in Madrid. Within a family atmosphere and through simple dialogue they had a session to share a vision of lay community engagement, its organization and feelings of belonging to the Sacred Hearts. The sisters expressed their interest, concern and steps to unify some aspects of the lay sscc communities committed to the Congregation. It ended with prayer, recognizing the Spirit who is acting at these times. Then they enjoyed dinner, in which the religious community joined them.  Consuelo del Saz sscc who belongs to the Spiritual Animation Team of the Secular Branch was also present. Informally the conversation about the work of revitalizing the Congregation continued, noting the positive response to it from all the presences of the Sisters around the world.

The visit now continues in Torrelavega, Jerez, San Fernando and Salamanca. The visit will end on May 3 with meetings of the Provincial Government, the Council of Province and Mission to share the values evident and challenges perceived during the visit. And so we continue walking towards the "New Face".