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Visit to the community of St. Paul's Parish (Medan)

From 21 to 23 March, Alberto and Jean Blaise visited the parish of  St. Paul's parish (Medan).  This parish is under the pastoral care of our brothers: Nikolaus Bot Syura, Matias Meru Ujan and Lukas Taruna Boy Sitepu.  Lukas makes himself available for Sunday masses. After speaking with each brother, the visit concluded with a community meeting. Alberta and Jean Blaise thanked the brothers for their welcome, their sharing and their presence in a place that involves many challenges of cultural diversity and the learning of local languages. Some points were discussed: 

- Community life: zonal meeting between the 3 closest communities (Medan, Lau Baleng and Lawe Desky) using the circular letter of the provincial, the Info or material prepared by the spirituality commission, mutual visits between these communities, the Superior General thanked Lukas for his service as bursar of the archdiocese and for his presence every Sunday for the celebration of the Eucharist at St. Paul's parish.

- Pastoral ministry: teamwork, not just distribution of tasks, but thinking together about our ministry, the way we make certain decisions, how we follow them through and evaluate them. As a new parish, pastoral conversion can take place according to the sscc style by defining priorities (family, youth...) in connection with our spirituality.

- Lukas Boy with his experience as bursar of the archdiocese, his contribution is important to rethink together the economy of the province, especially on the parish economic policy.

Link to the photo gallery: https://bit.ly/3YxqBpO