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Meeting of CAP in Tomobe-Japan begins (Brs)

Brothers Conference of Asia and Polynesia-French (CAP) is holding meetings in the provincial House in Tomobe (Japan) June 5 through 12.

We began the assembly with the formation of the formators. That session began with an introduction to Japanese cultures, given by Louis Misao Kawamata who shared his experience of Zen, emphasizing that Japanese culture is highly respectful of nature and peoples. There is no conflict between religions. In his own family, for example, his parents were Shinto and his sister was Buddhist  and he himself is Catholic priest. They respect each other because in Japanese culture, harmony with nature and respect for the presence of God to all of nature, are shared values.

In the afternoon we heard  reports from Indonesia, India and Philippines on common and specific cultural challenges in formation. To-morrow we will continue with the subject of accompaniment as an art form. 

On this first day, the superiors and treasurers of CAP participated in the input session. The formators present in the assembly are: Silverius Tobe Namang from Polynesia, Alexis Nayak and Michael Kumar from India, from Japan, Martinus Pariyanto and Francis Sri Waluyo, and from the Philippines, Abraham Aguinaldo (Bambi), Oscar Jegaut and Petrus Ado Belalawe (Rusni). And from Indonesia, Yohanes Antun Wardoyo, Nikolaus Bot Surya, Valentinus Sedu Ritan and Patrisius Breket Mudaj as CAP IF coordinator were present and Pankrasius Olak Kraeng from the General Government.

After the afternoon session we had a  party to welcome us, offered by our Japanese brothers. They  had invited their neighbors who presented some cultural dances for us. Tomorrow we will continue our formator meeting with the above agenda.