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Our Lady of Guadalupe Celebration at Queen of Peace of Harlingen (Texas) (brothers)

The distance from Harlingen, Texas to Mexico City is 1085 km (12 hours drive by car) but the devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe is just as strong as here as there.

The celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Parish of Our Lady of Queen of Peace began early morning of December 12 at 5:30 am with Mañanitas to mark the anniversary of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Holy Rosary was done while in procession singing and chanting Marian songs. At 6:30 am Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Rev. Robert Charlton, SS.CC. (Pastor), & Rev. William Penderghest, SS.CC as concelebrant. Mariachis and Matachines, traditional Mexican Music & Dance was incorporated in the celebration of Holy Eucharist which added tradition and more color to the celebration of liturgy. Fr. Bob in his homily urged people to pray for all those who suffer, and especially for the people of Mexico and South America.

In addition to the fantastic celebrations, food is also a very important part of this grand celebration of Virgen de Guadalupe. In particular, tamales are commonly eaten during this feast day. And in our Social Gathering in the Parish Hall after the Holy Eucharist we were served Tamales, Cookies and Beans with Coffee and Juice.

Rev. Remi Liando, SS.CC. (Secretary General) was visiting us from Rome. He was able to witness the celebration Our Lady of Guadalupe at Queen of Peace in Harlingen, TX.