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Provincial Chapter of Poland (Brs)

After Easter, from April 07 to 10 2015, Poland Province has its XI Chapter in mother house, in Polanica Zdrój. Together with the five members of provincial government, there are 10 delegates and two appointed delegates; WESOLOWSKI, Tomasz from Augsburg, Germany and WOJCIECHOWSKI, Piotr from Austria. The chapter begins with the short reflection in the beginning and continues with the report from Provincial, Bursar, Initial Formation and other reports.

As the chapter discuss and deepening the draft on “Ongoing Formation as Source of Joy toward 2018”, in the middle of the chapter, the two counselors are elected. GÓLCZYNSKI, Leszek is reelected as first counselor, followed by WAWRO, Kamil as second counselor. The following day, Provincial presented third and fourth counselors which are approved by chapter members. The last two counselors are ZIEZIO, Radoslaw and WESOLOWSKI, Tomasz who is now stationed in Augsburg Germany. At the end of the third day, provincial presented GÓLCZYNSKI, Leszek as vicar and reapproved by chapter as vicar for the second term.

The Chapter is facilitated by our own brother SWINIARSKI, Zdzislaw. Most of the brothers appreciate the content of the document “Ongoing Formation as the Source of Joy toward 2018” as a guiding work for the coming three years. This document is the product of the discernment of the Provincial Government after General canonical visit last year, and three years listening to the each of the brothers in the Province.

Eucharist at midday and Adoration in the evening are the spiritual source for the Chapter. The openness during the Chapter and the brotherhood are strongly felt by each brother. We congratulate the new team of Provincial Government for their availability and spirit to work together for the betterment of the Province.