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The Arrival of José Luis at Leuven International Community (Brs)

The International Community of Leuven has just added another member, José Luis Pérez Castañeda.

On Thursday 3 September our brother José Luis came to Leuven to join the Delegation. With this, the International Community of Leuven has four members: Camille Sapu, Ferry Indrianto, Golok Poricha (from the region of India, who joined the community on May 18) and José Luis, who is a native of San Fernando (Cadiz, Spain). He is 38 years old. In recent years he has been the novice master of the Iberian Province.

Yesterday, Monday, September 7, 2015 the entire community held its first community meeting. This was a get-together to integrate José Luis and to plan activities for the month of September.

For those who do not know, the International Community of Leuven, through the pastoral service of Ferry Idrianto takes care of four parishes and a chapel in the area of 'Oud Heverlee.  Since September 6, Ferry has been celebrating Mass for the first time  in the various settings. His official installation will take place in October. Let us pray for him so that he is a pastor after God´s heart.

Another news item is the arrival of a Congolese family in our community. The Leuven organization for refugees had contacted Father Damien Centre for the emergency housing of a Congolese family from Kinshasa. The Director of the Father Damien Centre, Ruben, discussed the possibility of such a welcome with the Community. We responded positively. Since August 14 the family has been living with us. The organization takes care of their food and we only offer accommodation. We wish this family (a mother and two small children) a good stay and settling down in Belgium. In a short while, they will  leave us for a place better set up for their situation.

We conclude by informing you that the course in Dutch begins on 28 September. Those who want to join us to learn the language, know you are all welcome. Tot ziens!