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Remembering Father Héctor de Cárdenas sscc in Lima, Peru (Brs)

There were many activities on the first weekend in Lima Peru to honor the memory of Father Héctor de Cárdenas sscc (1926-1980). The lay community founded by him, well bonded with the Brothers and Sisters of the Congregation, celebrated in September when Father would have been 90 years old, who died of tongue cancer at the age of 54.

In six months, an enthusiastic commission planned the program. Friday the 2nd, a motivational video was sent by group e-mail and shared on Facebook. Beginning at 6 p.m. on Saturday September 3rd, many “communes” ( members of the Community of Héctor Cárdenas) and some ex-communes  were arriving at the community.

There were a series of testimonies since the first years of the Community and the illness of Hector (Pablo Espinoza, Carmen de Macará, Jaime Gálvez) to the heritage received from him through others (Fabiola Collazos). A touching song by Juan Carlos Townsend (member of the SSCC Secular Branch), a video presentation on his life and a final prayer followed along. And then, embraces, more catching up and departure.

There was a wonderful presence at the community Mass, Sunday, September 4. The “commune” choir had been practicing for many weeks. Gaston Garratea sscc, presided with a particular inspiration. Hilario Huanca sscc concelebrated. Deceased members of the community were especially remembered. At the end of the Mass, Juan Carlos Townsend in the name of the brothers, welcomed all the old communes into the community house. More embraces and sustained conversations… and another song. Happy birthday! Hector and thanks!   

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