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Provincial Youth Meeting sscc of Chile and Argentina (Brs & Srs)

Between 26 and 30 December 2015,  a provincial meeting of young Sacred Hearts took place in Chile. There was preparation for over a year. The idea was to convene a meeting for young people involved in parishes, schools and youth ministry centers in Chile. These are known as CPJ. They are more than  30 years in existence. The groups came from southern Chile (Rio Bueno, La Union, Conception), from the center of the country (Valparaiso, Vina del Mar and Santiago), from the ministries of the Sisters of the Congregation (including San Javier in the VII region) and from Argentina (San José of Liberty parish of the division of  Merlo).

The meeting took place south of the city of Santiago, in the territory of the parishes of Saints Peter and Paul and Damien of Molokai, a place steeped in history for the Congregation in Chile.

The meeting's objective was to create a space to strengthen our youth  ministry as a dynamic transmitter of our  charism. Therefore, the linchpin of the whole meeting was "contemplate, live and announce to the world the love of God incarnate in Jesus."

Between 500 and 600 people gathered, counting participants and all service teams and animation leaders who did a lot of hard every day. Participants stayed in the homes of families in the parish and in schools.

The days of the meeting were  structured around  each of the verbs in our motto: "contemplate", "live" and "announce". The activities were very diverse and well developed in the distinct areas.

The auxiliary bishop of Santiago and Vicar of the Zone,  Pedro Ossandon presided at the beautiful Eucharist with which we started.

On the final last day,  there were 20 workshops on various topics. Brothers of the Congregation accompanied the participants, joined by  persons  who, because of their connection with the various issues, had been asked to come. All this took place in the "announce" phase in order to reflect on it from different areas involving human life and to see it as lived out.  This  connects with the invitation of Pope Francis to be an outgoing Church, entering within the realities and the lives of people and from within that perspective,  to show the beauty and the fullness of meaning which the Gospel offers. 

Check out  the "Manifesto" as  the outcome of these reflections.

All ended with a beautiful Eucharist, well participated in, and celebrated in the street in front of Saints Peter and Paul.  The whole event was an experience of God who fills our heart with love and prompts us to continue working for the kingdom, walking alongside young people to build up church.

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