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Interreligious dialogue (Indonesia)

One of the perpetual vow programs for seven brothers (future priests of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary SSCC) is to experience religious inter and multi-cultural dialogue. This activity was held for four days, that is 09 November 09 - November 12, 2023 in Regency - Tangerang - Banten Province - Indonesia.

The first day's activity, Wednesday November 09, 2023, was a dialogue with students at the Daarul Fallahiyah Assalafiyah Islamic Boarding School - Cisoka - Tangerang Regency. In this dialogue, there was a shared awareness that diversity is sunnatullah (Allah's decree) which cannot be changed. Because diversity is sunnatullah, we are called to build unity and harmony to create the common good (Bonum Commune). After holding a dialogue with the students, the dialogue continued with a work dialogue. In this work dialogue, the brothers together with the grassroots community and local community leaders helped to complete the construction of a livable house for Mrs. Indit (80 years old). Indit's grandmother previously lived in a 2 x 6 m hut with 8 family members. They continued this construction on the third day, on Friday November 10, 2023.

The Brothers' activity on the fourth day, Saturday November 11, 2023, was visiting the Food Security Group. The Brothers really enjoyed feeding cows dan sheep. The brothers mingled intimately with the farmer's family. After visiting the farmer's group, the Brothers immediately took part in an interfaith youth camp in Sawangan - Depok. One of the camp activities was a dialogue on harmony by presenting Commissioner of Police R. Moch Sofian (Representing the Tangerang Resort Police Chief), Inspector of Police Hotma Manurung (Panongan Sector Police Chief), and Father Felix Supranto sscc (Pastor of Saint Odilia Catholic Church - Citra Raya - Tangerang. The essence from this dialogue is that because brotherhood in progress is sunnatullah, we must maintain it. We maintain it by developing care for one another and not getting caught up in hoaxes.

In this dialogue, Brother Vishal Khute sscc from India conveyed his impressions during his visit to Tangerang Regency. At first he was very afraid of meeting people. However, in the end he was very happy because the Muslim community of Tangerang Regency welcomed him with extraordinary hospitality. "We are a human family," he said at the end of sharing his impressions.

The impression of the beauty of harmony, brotherhood and friendliness of the people of Tangerang Regency will be a lasting memory for them and will be conveyed to people in India, the Philippines and various places in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Brothers during an in-depth study accompanied by Inspector of Police Hotma Manurung (Kapolsek Panongan), Father Yosef Rianghepat sscc and Father Felix Supranto sscc.

The seven brothers: three from Indonesia: namely Brother Agung Nugraha sscc, Brother Firminus Hoga Botan sscc, and Brother Yosafat Koleq Liarian sscc; two from India: namely Brother Vishal Khute sscc and Brother Dildhar Jatwar sscc; two from the Philippines, namely Jonnel Tajale sscc and Brother Demetrio Villaronte sscc.

In carrying out this activity, they were accompanied by Kyai Haji Ardani (Guardian of the Daarul Fallahiyah Assalafiyah Islamic Boarding School), Cisoka Sector Police - Tangerang Police, Panongan Police - Tangerang Resort Police, 13 Cisoka Rayon Military Commad - 0510 Tigaraksa District Military Commad, 14 Panongan Rayon Military Commad - 0510 Tigaraksa District Military Commad, Father Felix Supranto, sscc, Father Yosef Rianghepat sscc, Jaro/Coordinator of the Head of Rukun Warga, and village activists.

Felix Supranto sscc


  • 1. Vishal ss.cc ha scritto il 11/13/2023 alle 15:56:

    Thank you so much fr. Felix ss.cc for inspiring us with your ministry and vision of unity and promoting brotherhood.

  • 2. Yose ha scritto il 11/13/2023 alle 15:55:

    Thanks Hermano for your willingness to guide our younger brothers. Saude e Paz