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Religious profession of Huguette Nate, Denise Ngoya and Denise Kambembe (Srs)

With this image our Congolese Sisters invited us to their temporary profession held on January 9 in Madrid (Spain). Definitely it was a gesture full of meaning for all who have their eyes and heart fixed on the  next Council of Congregation.

In the presence of a most varied assembly of Sisters, Brothers, ss.cc laity, teachers from the school, parishioners, colleagues of the inter-novitiate and African acquaintances, our sisters Denise Ngoya, Denise Kambembe, and Huguette Nate professed their first vows trusting their life to God in our religious family with a “Yes” full of meaning, reminding us that love knows no borders and that when life is touched and sealed by the encounter with Him, everything else is in second place.

Let us keep remembering them as they are to return to their country to begin to live what they have just professed: to be consumed and to wear themselves out through love in the service of the Sacred Hearts.


  • 1. Juan Pedro ha scritto il 01/19/2016 alle 14:58:

    Muchas gracias de nuevo a la Congregación  de los Sagrados Corazones por dejarnos participar de vuestros buenos momentos y de esta profesión de estas tres queridas congoleñas a las que conocí en 2013 en Kinshasa.
    Ha sido un placer estar junto a vosotros y dejarnos impregnar de vuestra esencia.

    "Contemplar, vivir y anunciar"