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Meeting of the Secular Branch of the Iberian Peninsula: "embracing the future with hope"

Chronicle sent by the Secular Branch SSCC

The Secular Branch of the Iberian Peninsula met in Assembly in El Escorial, in the house of the brothers, last weekend June 2-3. It had been a few years since we repeated this meeting. SSCC Lay people of the communities of Andalusia (Jerez and Seville), Lisbon and Madrid attended this assembly.

We gathered about 40 members of the Secular Branch, to which were added three new faces, 2 from Seville and 1 from Salamanca, lay people who come to our communities and whom we welcome with joy. We were accompanied by our brothers and sisters, the provincial superiors, Aurelio Cayón sscc and Nuria Lobo sscc, the religious who accompany us María del Mar Pérez sscc, Francisco Javier Garito sscc and Antonio Vega sscc. We also have the presence of Consuelo del Saz sscc who has belonged to the Spiritual Animation Team of the Secular Branch, to whom we especially thank all the work they have done in setting in motion an international structure of the different communities of the SSCC Branch Secular. And, of course, our children, about 20 small (and not so small ...)

The aim of the meeting was to strengthen the bonds that unite us, to know each other more and to project our future along the lines of the First International Encounter of the SSCC Secular Branch that took place last year.

Through the video, members of the Secular Branch of Hawaii, England, Peru and Chile were present. The words that Javier Álvarez-Ossorio sscc, Superior General of the brothers, addressed to the participants in the meeting also arrived.

There were moments to share the journey of each community. How each community is working; how can we share more what we do; how do we understand the mission of the lay ss.cc.; ??what do we need to feed the communion in the future; what relationship are we building with the religious men and women? The idea of having in the future an “Iberian Sector” was also considered. 

The time will now come to see the concretions. But it is clear that, as a result of the International Meeting, the sense of belonging to the same Congregation and to the same Sector was present throughout the meeting. When you share the same dream, there are no borders.

There was time for adoration and for the celebration of the Eucharist, in which we celebrated that three of our children, Jimena, Pablo and Sergio, participated for the first time after having recently made their first communion.

We said goodbye with a desire to see each other again so that the communities of the SSCC Secular Branch of the Iberian Peninsula can continue to work together.

¡Gracias!     Obrigado!