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Interview with Raúl Pariamachi Fonseca sscc

Interview with Raúl Pariamachi Fonseca sscc, Provincial of Andina Province: “The real reception of the General Chapter is a task for everyone over time”.

What kind of things are happening in the Andean Province around the General Chapter?

First of all, as a government we have visited the zones and the communities to transmit the General Chapter, not only what has been expressed in the Chapter texts, but also the experiences of unity in diversity that we lived in Rome during the Chapter, our spiritual approach to the Chapter that fed in to our exploring community and the apostolate. We have made a priority of the document on pastoral and missionary conversion. As we are a province organized in three zones (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru), we have worked at the level of 'zonal assemblies', in which the brothers have defined some pastoral challenges for the province in the coming years. We still need to systematize the work of the zones and return the conclusions to the areas to make decisions at the Province level. We are also taking advantage of the document on the Fourth Stage, which we like now that we are preparing the initial training plan.

How are the chapter documents helping to strengthen the "inner life"? Do you see any signs of them speaking to your brothers?

What I have noticed is that the contents of the chapter documents deal with matters in to which the brothers are tuning. I have not heard it said that in Rome people were talking about things that were alien to life and mission. On the contrary, it seems to me that the key themes of the General Chapter are having a good reception among the brothers; I mean both pastoral conversion and the inner life. In the dialogues, both in the community meetings and in the zonal assemblies, I found that the decisions of the Chapter are suggestive for the brothers. For example, we are all more and more aware of the close relationship between personal conversion and pastoral conversion, as an inescapable challenge of our apostolic religious life. Of course, it is still early to evaluate the broad impact of the General Chapter in the Province as a whole. In any case, as we well know, the actual reception of the General Chapter is everyone's task over time.

And to you, personally, how are the General Chapter affecting you in relation to your own "inner life"?

For me, participation in the General Chapter was an experience of fraternity, an experience which provoked me to reflect more deeply on my spiritual life and my particular service to the Congregation. With the passing of the years in the apostolic religious life and in the service of authority, one acquires deep convictions that makes one receptive to constant change. We always have to get on the road with Jesus; It is true that we can not always recognize him in the midst of life's difficulties, but we hope that at the end of the afternoon we will recognize him when we break bread.