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Sharing the experience of the meeting

I am very pleased to share about the first month of our process of preparation for perpetual vows. Seven sisters in temporary vows, Huguette from Congo, Alexandria, Sandhya and Jabita from India, Dulce Maria from Mexico, Elena from Spain and Genoye from Peru, have been called to live and share our experiences in Salamanca-Spain. We are joined by our sisters Maria Vidal and Anastasia.

In July we started with the first topic: Context and diagnosis of the current world reality. Santiago and Amanda, from the José Peralta Foundation in Ecuador. They share with us about the world reality, looking at issues such as: globalization, economic and political diagnosis, post covid social conditions, employment changes, climate change, migratory movements, socio-cultural and religion. Each of us also shared a specific problem that afflicts our countries. And it is resonating in the face of these different realities, as a challenge, the question: what to do from religious life and how to contribute to a change from our communities?

In the second week our sister Laura Morales, Mexican, shares with us the theme 'Re-reading of personal history: Itinerary of our own growth and maturation. Re-reading our vocational history: Our own history as a history of salvation and women from the bible'.

These themes helped us to look at and rewrite our personal and vocational story, which is a story of healing and salvation; we went through this week: with Peter's mother-in-law, the bent-over woman, the hemorrhaging woman, the Canaanite woman and Mary.   Each one with her valuable teachings and example of strength, of struggle for dignity, women of unwavering faith, of perseverance and overcoming. They experience the healing of their illnesses in a personal and intimate encounter with Jesus, loving and letting themselves be loved from what each one is.

In the third week we are accompanied virtually by our sister Goyi, from Rome. She has been collaborating with us on the theme: Synodality: Vulnerability of Religious Life. Embracing the fragilities of the world. From some texts and her experience she shared with us in a very simple and close way.

Since the invitation of Pope Francis the Church is beginning to walk in synodality, learning to embrace our vulnerability as religious life and always with eyes and ears open to the reality of today, listening to everything that surrounds us. This "walking together" is what allows the Church to proclaim the Gospel, according to the mission entrusted to her, where each one has something to learn and above all with an attentive listening to the Holy Spirit. We are all called to the commitment of building a synodal Church. On the last day we shared this theme with our brothers who are preparing for vows from different countries.

In week four, we had a face-to-face meeting with our brother José Luis Pérez Castañeda ss.cc. from Spain, speaking to us in a very practical and dynamic way on the topics: Fundamentals of Religious Life: History and Theology. Religious Life today: Challenges, challenges, horizon. From many open questions we began to share the theme.

In conclusion, it leaves us with many challenges and a way to go, achievements, lights and questions about Religious Life and community life. I am left with the invitation to know how to contemplate reality from the Gospel. To be centered in the heart of God. To be sensitive to the realities that do not favor the journey and to continue being a sign of life in such a changing world.

Finally, I thank all the people who have contributed with their experiences and knowledge in different ways for our formation during this time of preparation. May God continue to bless your dedication, mission and vocation. 

                                                                Genoye Lipa Ramos sscc