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A Special Pilgrimage to Arnstein (Brs)

The German province invited its friends and benefactors to celebrate
Damian feast day. The pilgrimages to the Heart of Jesus began in 1925 – 90 years ago. Special trains circulated from the middle Rhine region, 17 there were in some years. Nowadays the pilgrims come in buses.

To give the jubilee a special mark, the province once again organized a special train from Cologne to Arnstein (about a hundred kilometres). Two railcars were quickly sold out. The pilgrims’ trip then was an order of prayer, songs and meditation. Another group – the younger ones - came on foot and joined the train travellers in Arnstein, plus some individual pilgrims who had known of the event in the media.

The common meal of a delicious pea soup was followed by an impulse led by Fr. Manfred Kollig under the question “Where is God?”. Then the church turned into a painter’s studio, everyone writing their experiences with Arnstein on a big cloth, spread in the central corridor – at the end a piece of art was created. The Provincial then celebrated the Eucharist with ten brothers from all the houses of the province. Again the Arnstein message came alive: “God has a heart for us”.

The history of Arnstein is deeply connected with the history of the German province. Here the first novitiate was started in 1921; here the province gave itself the name of “Arnsteiner Patres” which is our title in Germany. From 1925 on, countless people came to Arnstein to find strength for their commitment in the family, as well as their work and service in the parishes. There are families, which have their fourth generation coming to Arnstein. The monastery was a meeting point for many and even a matchmaker for some happy couples.

Arnstein, a place full of history, of past things, by the decision of the last provincial chapter, shall also be a place of the future.